Valuation Services

Get a Valuation Certificate for estimating your company's worth and to attract funding. We are registered valuers recognized under Companies Act.

Valuation Advisory provided in the following areas

  • Valuation of Business / Firm
  • Valuation of Intangibles such patents, copyrights, technical knowhow, franchise agreements, etc.
  • Valuation of Shares under Companies Act, Foreign Direct Investments, etc.
  • Valuation of Goodwill
  • Valuation for Swap Shares in case of Amalgamation
  • Valuation for Startups
  • Valuation for Brands
  • Valuation of Intellectual Property
  • Valuation of Software
  • Valuation of Debentures
  • Valuation for Family Settlement
  • Valuation for Arbitration/Dispute Settlement/ Dispute Resolution
  • Valuation for Specific Purpose
  • Valuation in case of Take Over of Companies
  • Valuation of Shares for Transfer Pricing under Income Tax
  • Calculation of Fair Value as per IND-AS / IFRS/ Accounting Standards
  • Valuation of Venture Capital
  • Valuation Of Mergers and Demerger
  • Valuation of Insolvency and bankruptcy (ABC)
  • Valuation of Preference Shares

For most companies, the ideal solution is to appoint a Registered Valuer who is also a CA with sufficient experience in covering all types of valuation, who would therefore be able to cover multiple requirements in a consistent manner with no danger of diverging values being presented.

We have team of Registered Valuer who are chartered accountants and accordingly a single valuation report from us can work under multiple statute.